Avery Gallery - 390 Roswell St., Marietta, GA.  Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm.


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   Avery Gallery presents "Homage to the Female Form - Featuring Alison Spiesman" on July 7 from 5 - 9 pm.

    Alison Spiesman's work in oils continues a female dialogue and represents a feminine journey through her paintings. Spiesman's work has been shown in state, regional, national and international exhibits.

Eve IV - Alison Spiesman
Eve IV
EVE: 6-part series, each torso was intended to rotate in position and style altered to represent times of life or eras.
Eve I - Alison Spiesman
Eve I
Eve II - Alison Spiesman
Eve II

    Alison Spiesman was born in South Carolina, USA in 1959. Spiesman attended East Carolina University and received awards and scholarships, graduating Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1981. She completed a Master of Fine Arts in 1990 from Bob Jones University.

    Her professional experiences have included: Gallery Management, College Instruction, Art Restoration, and Business Owner. Alison Spiesman is a professional artist residing in Baltimore, Maryland and her art work may be found in numerous artist registries & galleries in the U.S.A.

TIME PIECE - series was particularly prophetic as they were fashioned from a trip to the ocean: Alison and her late husband took photo shoots in shadow as they headed toward the sea.  The final footprints in the sand ... as a presence of each other. Timepiece IV - Alison Spiesman
Timepiece IV

Timepiece VI - Alison Spiesman
Timepiece VI

    "My work has evolved from my own life's experiences, As a Woman & an Artist. In developing these Ideas, I describe the space they come from as:
Somewhere on the Backside of the Mirror. My paintings are intended to be disclosing of the Female Nature and each series is an addition to this Journey.
" - Alison Spiesman
Timepiece I - Alison Spiesman
Timepiece I

    Homage to the Female Form - Featuring Alison Spiesman - 5 to 9 pm, July 7 at Avery Gallery.  Exhibit will be on display through the end of July.  Parking is free in our parking lot next to our building and next door in front of Cobb Hardware, after 6 pm.  There is plenty of parking at the church across Olive Street.


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