Avery Gallery - 390 Roswell St., Marietta, GA.  Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm.


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   Avery Gallery presents "The Creative Art of David Lochtie" on August 5 from 5 - 9 pm.

    David Lochtie has been painting, writing, and teaching creativity for three decades, all the while tinkering with unorthodox combinations.  His choice of media encompases pen & ink, watercolor, oil, acrylic, and more.

    He has led creativity workshops at Portland State University, Willamette, Lewis and Clark, University of Portland, Caldera, Art Institute of Portland, LeadingAge, Home Woods and Rose Villa communitites, Portland Creative Salon, Eastside Business Group, Crestview School, and North Clackamas.

    David favors hybrid forms as they often lead to breakthroughs.

    Over time he has found that by leapfrogging artistic disciplines - writing to dancing to drawing to sound - you can get to creative places you never would have through one discipline only.



    When asked about his teaching he states: "When I do these workshops, I think of myself as Keeper of the Cauldron - the soup gets richer and richer with each person's contribution."
Horse & Woman

    For David, creative inquiry is like going to the ocean. We wade in or reach down into a tide pool, or cast a line into the invisible depth. We reach out and reel in. Something always comes to us, even if it's the seaweed of a "mundane" object or a "dull" event. We do not have to manufacture the stuff of inspiration; it can occur effortlessly. We just look at what lands in our hands and begin to dream about what it might mean.
Alchemist's Dream

    The Creative Art of David Lochtie - 5 to 9 pm, August 5 at Avery Gallery.

Several Impress with Impressionism pieces are still available for viewing.

Parking is free in our parking lot next to our building and next door in front of Cobb Hardware, after 6 pm.  There is plenty of parking at the church across Olive Street.


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