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Yoder is both an artist and an author. Born in a small farming town in northeast Ohio, he began painting with acrylics at the age of 15 and it has remained his favorite media. Later, in 1992, he moved his family to Woodstock, GA to further pursue his painting career. His style crosses the lines of surrealism, abstract, and impressionism while rendering his own brand of pointillism in the process.

In 1998, a quote from art commentator Sister Wendy Becket on PBS changed Yoder's painting life. She said, "Never listen to what an artist has to say about his work because he doesn't know."

When he finally understood the meaning of her words, Yoder felt he was free to create from his heart. He states, "That's when the light turned on and my work changed from being pleasant landscapes to works of art that moved and inspired people. It was then I truly realized that art had power and the power came from outside of me."

"The Muck Memoirs" was published by Yoder in 2011. Written in a style reminiscent of Kurt Vonnegut, "The Muck Memoirs" is a fictional retelling of Yoder's youth in Ohio. Yoder will have copies of the book for sale and will sign any purchased during the Artwalk.

Yoder found inspiration in 2000 when a friend replied to his story of running away as a teenager with two of his cousins. She asked "What on earth would have compelled you to do such a thing?" And that simple question was the spark he needed.

If you missed the ArtWalk in April, take a look at these 2 Youtube videos!


"The Muck Memoirs" by Marlan Yoder


Ph: 1-800-969-2459   Atlanta area: 770-427- 2459

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