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We have several books, here's a few by name:

A Place to Remember - Patrice Shelton Lassiter
Blue Locusts - Marion Blackwell Jr.
Bonded By A Blade - George Pettett
Choices - George Pettett
Marietta 1833-2000 - Glover, McTyre, Paden

No Man's Land - Eric Haney

On the Line of Bacon Creek - Cook, Quinlin
Pickett's Charge - Charles McNair
Picture Show - Dianna Edwards
Rest Brave Comrades - Brad Quinlin
Stories by the Dozen - George Pettett
Suffer and Grow Strong - Carolyn Curry
Vagrant Grace - David Bottoms
Waltzing through the Endtime - David Bottoms




From Ballpark to Boardroom...

Marietta 1833-2000


Picture Show


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